Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday night

Tonight I was at church and on Friday me and my daughter will be going to a praise and worship service. As I drove home tonight I realized that I did not have the same excitement after church as I have had in the past and then I realized " that is ok" because I have matured in my walk with God. Everything now is not about excitement and energy it is about having a continuous relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and allowing the comfort of the Holy Spirit to work in my life through the entire day not only in certain situations yet, all of the time. Today at work I handed out a Gospel of John, which I have not done for a week or so and I felt satisfied knowing that I am still doing God's will and my level of commitment has deepened. The fact that this has not created a higher level of excitment is ok, because I am now more consistent. As I look at the Gospels, Jesus never got overly excited about what God was doing through him and we are all to become more Christlike as we grow closer to him. If anything I now can rest in the assurance that God is still the center of my life and the more center he becomes the less emotional I become and that is because I no longer get that rush of excitement when things occur I have come to expect them because God is in control. I don't know if this post has helped anyone other than me yet, I pray if any of you have similar feelings it will encourage you to keep you faith strong. After all strong is the only way our faith should be because our faith comes from God.

In His Service,


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