Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today was a great day. I got up early and went to church with my son and daughter. The message that the pastor gave was very inspiring and filled with truth. I have noticed of late that he is preaching messages that are more conservative in nature yet, they are very accurate to the word of God. I have struggled sometimes in the past with a some of the ideas that have been presented from the pulpit of the church I attend but, lately I would agree and applaud the pastor for his straight forward direct approach and if his sermons do not please some people he is willing to accept that for the growth and encouragement of the fellowship of believers. I also had a wonderful time praising the Lord in the service this morning also. The songs that we sang seemed to really inspire an atmosphere of worship, not that the song did the inspiring it was my willingness to yield to the Holy Spirit and humble myself before him. I truly believe sometimes our worship is not always what it could be and that is because we are to proud to show emotions or to humble ourselves in the presents of the Lord. In fact we can worship God daily in Spirit and in Truth as Jesus told the woman at the well, as long as we come before him, God with a attitudeof humility and gratitude. Tomorrow night is my Bible study night and we are going through the doctrines of grace and it has been a great study thus far. Well, I pray all of your days throughout the week go as well as mine did today and God bless each of you that reads this word on encouragement.

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