Sunday, June 21, 2009

Preaching at Ocean City, MD

Hello all,

I just returned from Ocean City, MD where myself and several other evangelist from OAC where preaching the gospel. It was a great time of ministry and we were able to preach multiple messages each night. We preached for 5 nights and had crowds ranging from 10 to 60+ people at times. The gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed and many one on one conversations took place after the messages. I was able to preach 4 of the 5 nights and it was incredible to share in the labor of preaching the gospel in such a unique setting. Paul Adams, myself, and Tom Fox, will be going back down to Ocean City with some teams from churches later this summer to continue this work. I praise God for the fruitful ministry that occurred and I will be praying that many people come to faith in Jesus Christ because of the proclamation of His message. One additional note that I would like to share with all of you that keep up with my blog is that me and my family will be moving to Silver Spring, MD at the end of this month and then I will be preaching the gospel with OAC out of the Washington/Baltimore branch full-time. Please keep us in your prayers that we are able to continue to proclaim the gospel and see many come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and that God will continue to provide for all of our needs as we take this next step.