Saturday, December 6, 2008

OAC staff appointment

Greetings all,

I wanted to share with all of you that read my blog that I have just recently been appointed to a staff position with Open Air Campaigners (OAC). Over the next 4 to 6 months I will be praying for God's provision and direction as me and my family transition from secular employment into full-time ministry with OAC. Open Air Campaigners is an evanglistic mission organization that primaily shares the gospel through public proclomation in the Open Air. If you are interesed in finding out more about OAC you can go to the link I have at and to get to my page click on "our staff" and it will take you to mine and all of the other staff evangelist. The last couple of weeks for me have been very busy and I have not had a chance to update my blog. Hopefully in the future I can be more timely in my postings.

It is Christmas season and all of the hustle and bustle that goes along with it. Tomorrow night at chuch we are having a children's Christmas play, which is always very well done. Last week myself and a couple of my friends went out witnessing on Black Friday and it was incredible to share our faith with many anxious shoppers as they waited for the doors of the store to open. I share this with you because God placed this idea in my mind while driving home from a men's meeting at church and I could have desmised it and that would have been all the farther it went but, I acted on this thought and recruited as many men as I could find to go with me for this outreach. I do not want any of you to think for one minute that I did this on my own strength because it was all God. I just pray that this story will inspire you to take a chance and do something out of the ordinary for God, he is worth it! If you want to read more about this witnessing event you can at the OAC website in my newsletter. Praise God for all of the blessing he has bestowed upon me and my family to him be all Honor, Glory, and Praise. Amen.