Monday, November 16, 2009

Penn State University

On Friday November 6th I again had the opportunity to preach on the campus of Penn State. Paul and Eric went with me and we meet Luke and Rodger and went onto campus about 12:00. It was a great day to be on campus. The weather was nice and many students stopped to listen to the messages as they were being preached. I spoke with several students and one of the students that I spoke with for about 20 minutes was a young man named Anthony. Anthony stated he had no religious beliefs and did not believe in creation. He did not think there was enough proof to make him believe that God could have created all that we see. I spoke to Anthony for quite some time and was able to share with him some of the evidence for the existence of God and the validity of the scriptures. Anthony told me that he had never heard anyone present the belief in God in such a way. I told him that it just makes sense after looking at the evidence and seeing how it is supported through documents that the God of the Bible has to be the one true God. He agreed but, was not yet willing to put his faith in Christ. I know that through this conversation God was working on Anthony's heart and that God will continue to reveal truth to Anthony through other individuals that are place in Anthony's path.

I have recently started using apologetics in this way because of a CD that I have been listening to about proof for the resurrection by Dr. Craig Hazen. I would have not thought this type of argument would have been very beneficial in the past but, now that I am encountering many college students that do not even acknowledge that God exists I have found this type of discussion is very useful in such a conversation.