Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cold night in Silver Spring

Hello again,

I wanted to post about a great outreach I had the other night in Silver Spring, which is about 15 minutes from my house. This location is easy to get to and has proved to be a very productive place to preach the gospel because many people shop, go to movies, or just hang-out in this downtown location. The week prior to this Paul, Hugh, and I went preaching here again and had many good conversations and one young man named John responded to the message and I had a chance to talk to him about his need for a Savior. Because of the great opportunities we had this night I decided to go out the following week, which was last night. Yesterday was unique because it was Black Friday. I knew that since many people where out of town for Thanksgiving it might be difficult to get other preachers to go along but, I felt I needed to go. My feelings were correct and no others were available to go along so I found myself driving down to Silver Spring on my own. As I drove feelings of fear and uncertainty began to enter my mind. I called my sister, Cathy, and asked her to pray for me because I knew God wanted me to go out and proclaim His Word. As I arrived I saw that not many people were across the street where we went last week so I decided to go back in front of the theater were we had preached in the past. I set up the sketch board and began to paint up my message. A security officer came over and asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was going to do some open air preaching and exercise my first amendment right. He said, that would be no problem but, just to be safe he would call it in to cover himself with his superiors. After I finished painting me message I turned around and with the strength of the Lord open my mouth and began to preach. As I preached more and more people began to stop and listen and after the message two or three people took tracs. I was very encouraged and preached two more messages that night and handed out about 20 to 30 tracs. Praise God for a cold night in November in Silver Spring. Until you read again may God bless you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

continuing for His glory

I just finished a week of ministry with Eric, our national field director, and on Saturday I will be heading back to PA once again. I have been invited to speak and present the ministry of OAC at the C&MA church in Hollidaysburg. This is the church I grew up in and last year before I moved I was able to visit on a Sunday night and discuss the ministry God was calling me into with OAC. I am looking forward to visiting and sharing the many wonderful things God has used me to do for His glory over the past year. I am also praying that many individuals will be moved to come along side of us in this ministry with prayer and support. Please keep my family in your prayers as we continue to raise the needed support to enable us to continue in this work full-time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer ministry

My summer has been very busy with much ministry, praise the Lord. I was at a boys camp last week and I was featured as "missionary of the week" and it was a joy to share with the boys all week and get them excited about missions. This week I am working at VBS at my home church with my wife and daughter which is going well. I count it a blessing to be able to sown into the lives of these children, some of whom are not churched. Then next week I will be going back to camp Sankanac in Pennsylvania to be "missionary of the week" for girls camp. Well, that was my quick update on how my summer has been going and I pray all of you are having a great summer also. I hope I am able to begin posting on this blog again in the fall once my ministry schedule is a little more consistent. I am not complaining, I love to be so busy serving the Lord yet, some of the other things such as this blog and emails get put on the back burner. Until you read again.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Silver Spring outreaches

The outreaches we have been able to do in downtown Silver Spring have been incredible and this Friday night was no different. Paul and I went down to Silver Spring and we had many others come out to join us in sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We preached 4 messages and there were huge crowds of people listening each time the gospel was preached. I spoke individaully with several people and two young men that just happened to be passing by on their way to a Bible study stopped and were very interested in what we were doing that they decided to stay and support us and help with counseling those who heard the preaching. We had many other individuals come out to support us by doing one to one witnessing after the messages and I praise the Lord for the way he is using us so mightly to proclaim the gospel in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. I encourage any of you that are local to come out and join us in Silver Spring at Fenton St. and Ellsworth. We are there almost every Friday night and you can follow us on facebook to see where we will be preaching next. God bless each of you for your support and prayers.

Preaching the gospel in Silver Spring

Thursday, April 15, 2010

State College in the Park

Once again I had the opportunity to go back to State College and preach on the campus of Penn State and then the following day I was able to go to a local park with Abiding Truth Christian Fellowship, a chuch that supports us, and it is always a joy to work with them. Last fall they went out to Penn State with me and we had a great outreach and this time was no different. Pastor Larry was able to go to the campus with us this time and he had many great conversations. It was nice to be able to spend the afternoon with him sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then as I said on Saturday we went to a park near Luke's house and had a children's program and the church provided hot dogs and hamburgers at a pavillion as part of the outreach. It was a wonderful time and many of the congregation helped to make the day a success. Gregg Hunter also went along with me and it was a pleasure to preach along side of him and he helped to make the trip enjoyable by the fellowship we shared in during the drive to State College and home. I plan to go back and work with Abiding Truth Christian Fellowship again in the fall of this year. I also would like to encourage any of you who are reading this blog that are in the State College area and are looking for a church to check out Abiding Truth Christian Fellowship because they are a great group of believers that have a heart for the lost and also teach the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter each week. They are located at 178 Rolling Ridge Drive State College, PA or you can find them on the web at I pray God continues to bless this church and may it continue to bless State College.