Saturday, April 25, 2009

Outreach to Penn State

We had a wonderful outreach on the campus of Penn state a couple of weeks ago. Jim,Roger,Glenn, and I went down to Penn State with Luke's church and had a great time of planting many seeds for the Lord and where involved in many conversations. We spoke with a Gentleman named Peter and he was very interested in the work we were doing. Although according to his words. " We are on the same side except you guys are on the front line and I will act as a support person. I will hand you as many supplies as you need while you are on the front line fighting." He wanted to make a donation to us and we informed him that we could not accept a donation and did not want anything. He did end up going to Dunkin Donuts and bringing us back some donuts. We told him we really did not want him to but, he insisted and would not take no for an answer. I do have to admit on the ride home after the outreach the donuts did taste good. Overall we were able to preach to 25 to 30 people and handed out many tracts. I want to thank all who participated and Praise God for his faithfulness in bringing the people to listen to His word being proclaimed. We will be look at doing another outreach to Penn state in May if all works out according to God's will. I will be heading to OAC's annual staff conference this week and I am very excited to meet all of the other staff evangelist that I have not yet meet. I know this will be a great week of learning, ministry and fellowship. I pray all of you have a great week in the Lord and until next time may God richly bless you and your families to God be the glory.