Saturday, May 22, 2010

Silver Spring outreaches

The outreaches we have been able to do in downtown Silver Spring have been incredible and this Friday night was no different. Paul and I went down to Silver Spring and we had many others come out to join us in sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We preached 4 messages and there were huge crowds of people listening each time the gospel was preached. I spoke individaully with several people and two young men that just happened to be passing by on their way to a Bible study stopped and were very interested in what we were doing that they decided to stay and support us and help with counseling those who heard the preaching. We had many other individuals come out to support us by doing one to one witnessing after the messages and I praise the Lord for the way he is using us so mightly to proclaim the gospel in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. I encourage any of you that are local to come out and join us in Silver Spring at Fenton St. and Ellsworth. We are there almost every Friday night and you can follow us on facebook to see where we will be preaching next. God bless each of you for your support and prayers.

Preaching the gospel in Silver Spring