Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Started

New to blogging...I have enjoyed reading blogs and sharing ideas with others so I felt that starting a blog of my own to be able to share my ideas, which are not mine, but my Lord Jesus Christ, would be a logical next step in my ministry for the Lord. I was inspired by an article I read by John Piper about why Pastor's should blog. Granted I am not a Pastor, although I am a street preacher and an Evangelist which in essence is very similar to a pastor so I though I need to start a blog to get involved with the community of blogger by sharing the gospel in cyberspace. All who are reading and do not know who Jesus Christ is or why he is so important I encourage you to continue to check back to the blog regularly so you may learn about the truth that I pray will be shared through this site. If you are currently a believer or follower of Jesus I hope you participate and share your ideas with me so we can grow and encourage others to together for the glory of God's Kingdom. I do not want to pretend that I have all of the answers to questions regarding Theology( The Study of God) because I am still learning and trying to discover for myself the many different truths revealed in the Bible. I also will occasionally ask a question and hope that much enlightening discussions will occur. The first question I would like to purpose is why do you think you exist?

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