Monday, January 24, 2011

Transformation of a blog...

As some of you may have noticed my blog has become less of a Theology site and more of a informative ministry posting site. I have done this for several reasons. First of all I know what I know and not much else. Now many of you may be confused by this sentence so let me explain. The one thing that I know is the gospel. I may have ideas or opinions about other things but, I can not really say I know them. In truth, the gospel is what I preach and what I strive to know above all else. I want to be able to understand, explain, proclaim, preach, and teach the gospel more than any other doctrine in the Bible. For after all the gospel is where we find life and breath and is where we need to live out our spiritual lives. I am going through a book on DVD "God is the Gospel" with my associates on Mondays in our branch office and the session we watched today was magnificent. By the way John Piper is the author of the book and I would recommend it to everyone. Why would we want to go through this book on DVD? Because the gospel is what we do and why we exist as missionaries. My primary call is to go and preach the gospel. Preaching the gospel brings me such joy and satisfaction and God has confirmed to me over and over that He has made me for this purpose. So in short that is why I have transformed this blog into a ministry posting site so I can preach the gospel through this site and God can transform lives for His glory!

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