Saturday, January 31, 2009

Junior Bible quiz

Today I spent the day at State College assembly of God at the semi-finals match for the Junior Bible quiz team that I help coach. They did a wonderful job by just getting to qualify for the semi-finals and I was very proud of them for this accomplishment. They had 3 regular matches and placed first place in the district that they compete in. This is how they were able to go to the semi-final round of competion. Even though they did not win today or advance to the finals it was incredible for them to have made it that far and have learned many memory verses and facts about the scripture which is what it is all about. Any one who is not fimilar with Junior Bible quiz that has young children, I encourage you to look into it because it is a great way to teach your children the word of God and to have fun while doing it. The children that I have been involved with over the last couple of years have enjoyed it very much. God Bless all of you.

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