Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boston branch trip

Praise the Lord,

I spent three days at the Boston branch of Open Air Campaigners and it was incredible. God's spirit was very evident while I was in Boston preaching the gospel in the subway. I had never been in the subway before and just the experience of being able to speak to people about the eternal truths of salvation while they waited for the train was wonderful. Many people were very receptive and took tracts and many people heard a clear presentation of the gospel. I look forward to going back to Boston in the future and spending more time with the remarkable group of evangelist in that City. I am planning to visit New York City and also Washington D.C before I finalize which city I will spend my internship at. To all of the Christians that are reading this please pray that I will be open to the leading and direction of God as he reveals to me the city that He would have me go. May God bless you in the ministry he has given to you and if you are still searching for the place God can use you keep your eyes on Him and He will reveal it to you.

In Christ,

Zane D. Dempsie
Open Air Campaigners

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