Thursday, January 29, 2009

blogging again

Hello all,

It has been a couple of weeks since I last entered a post so I felt it was as good of time as any. Many things have been happening since the 13th of January. As far as my ministry with Open Air Campaigners I conducted a training at the home of a friend of mine that is interested in going out into the open air once the weather gets warmer. I spoke to a fellow evangelist with Open Air Campaigners and he is was going to preach at a college in Maryland for the last couple of days. Cold... is all I can think about but, I know Paul and he will stay warm because of the compassion and conviction that he receives through the Holy Spirit. I pray he is able to reach may with the gospel message. The training that took place at Luke's house was incredible. I enjoyed teaching him some simple object lessons and he is excited about learning more and being able to go out and preach this spring. I pray that God will continue to raise up many more individuals that want to be trained and become bold in Christ to share their faith. Have a great night and God bless each of you.

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