Monday, February 21, 2011

February 20th in Annapolis( One day, No religion)

Last week Chris,a good friend of mine, called me up and asked if I wanted to go preaching on Sunday February 20th. He had sent me a link to a new, if you can call it new, day to commemorate "No Religion". Initially I could not make it because I had a prior engagement for that evening but, then a couple of days before February 20th my prior commitment was canceled. We normally would not preach at Annapolis in February but,this request by Scott Brown, by the way he is the individual that came up with the idea of "One day, No religion", to not practice any religious activities on this day prompted us to go preach. After all we are not trying to propagate a set of religious beliefs we are sharing the Word of God and want to show others how they can have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. (This includes Scott)

So we headed out to Annapolis on a cool day in February to proclaim the truth to all who would listen. Chris and a few other people were going to be meeting me around 2:30. As I drove down to Annapolis with my daughter Zana, who goes along quite often, we prayed that God would use the preaching of the gospel to draw people unto Himself and that we would make much of Him through the proclamation of His Word. We arrived and there were many people out enjoying the mild temperatures, mid 40's. After a cold winter mid 40's seems nice. The sun was shining and I set up the sketchboard and asked Chris, not the same Chris another Chris, if he wanted to preach the opening message. He gladly accepted and after a quick introduction by me, Chris began. Praise God many people stopped to hear the message and as the message was drawing to a close I noticed a girl with a camera standing listening to Chris as he finished. I went over to her after Chris had stopped preaching and asked her, " So what did you think about the message?" She said she really did not have any religious views and many people in her family have different religious backgrounds. She also said that her grandmother was a Christian and she is always talking to her about God. I introduced myself and she shook my hand and said her name was Lauren. We talked for a few minutes and I asked her if she wondered what happens when you die? She said she has though about it but, felt that if she lives life the best way she knows how and there is a god then she should be alright. I explained that there is such a thing as absolute truth and that not everyone can be right. I gave her a tract and told her this would explain to her how to get into a right relationship with God. By this time her father and brother had walked over and she had to go. I pray that the conversation and tract that I gave to Lauren will draw her closer to the Lord and bring about a change in her heart.

After this three more messages were preached and many tracts were handed out to people as they passed by but, I truly feel God had me in Annapolis to give a tract and have a conversation with Lauren, and he used Scott Brown to accomplish His purpose this cool day in February. God uses all things to work together to accomplish the purposes He sets out to achieve. Until you read again may God receive all glory and honor...

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