Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ocean City Ministry with Youth group

Last Tuesday I went down to Ocean City with Tom Fox, one of my partners in the Washington/Baltimore branch of OAC. We meet Paul Adams the branch director down at Ocean City where he had a team of youth from Forcey Memorial Church. This team is in the process of a 6 week local missions trip and last week they were at Ocean City.
I was excited about going down to Ocean City to help with the training of the youth althought Tom and I were only going to be there for 24hrs. We arrived at the house were they were staying at around 1:30 and then I was told I would be teaching Ryan, a youth on the team, the message he was going to be preaching and how to paint the pre-sketch. We spend the remainder of the afternoon working on the painting and also on reviewing the message. Then after devotionals and dinner we went out to the boardwalk to preach the Gospel. Each of the 4 young men preached a message as well, as Paul, Greg, and myself. It was incredible to see the 4 youths preach the Gospel on the boardwalk. It truly showed that the power of the Gospel proclaimed
is effective unto salvation. We are just vessels that God uses and it was great to be used to help instruct and then watch to Gospel being preached and knowing that God allowed me to be a tool in this process. During the night of preaching many people were preached to and many one to one converstations occurred. It was a great night of ministry. Then the following day Tom and I were able to go to the beach and spend some time in prayer and Bible reading which was very refreshing. Having a few hours of solitude by the ocean and reading God's word was a real blessing. Then around 1:00 we headed back home to the D.C. area. I pray that as you have read this experience you are able to see how important this work of spreading the Gospel is and I pray this blog will inspire you to personally share your faith more or if you are involved with a group that would like to have an opportunity to share go on a short term mission trip just visit our website at and contact one of our evangelist and we will try to arrange for you or your group. God bless each of you and good night.

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