Monday, July 6, 2009

We are now in Maryland

Hello all,

Well, we are offically moved into our new home in Silver Spring, MD and I am so glad that I can now begin working with OAC on a full-time basis. Since we have been here I have already been involved in two outreaches. One was to the city docks in Annapolis and the other was to the Washington mall on the 4th of July. Both of these opportunities to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ we wonderful and many seeds were planted. Now tomorrow I am going to Ocean City, MD to help with a youth group from Paul Adams' home church. I am looking forward to going back to do more ministry at Ocean City because it is such a great place to share the Gospel with a wide range of cultures and ethnic groups. My new newsletter will be posted soon at the OAC website so if you do not recieve it in the mail you can see what else I have been doing over the last few months by going to then go to my page and it should be there by next week. Well, I have to pack for tomorrow and then get to sleep so I will keep you all updated of things to come and ministry events. Praise God we are here and well.

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