Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ocean City Bike week

For the last two days I have been down at Ocean City, Maryland preaching on the boardwalk with Tom Fox and Greg Hunter. Tom is a partner of mine in ministry with Open Air Campaigners and Greg is an applicant for OAC. It has been a blessing having Greg come down and share in the ministry of preaching the gospel with us these last few days. Initially Greg was not going to be able to come along with us because he was leaving for Guatemala prior to this trip, but God worked things out by delaying his trip for a few days and this enabled Greg to come down and help us on the boardwalk. Having an additional preacher with us while minister on the boardwalk is very helpful. God has been faithful in sending out the people to hear the messages that have been preached. We were able to preach to over 250 people in just two days, Praise the Lord. Every time I think about the amount of people that are being reached with the message of salvation through the preaching of God's word through this ministry I am humbled and feel such joy to be a part of this awesome work the God is doing. I had said before that it is not about the numbers of people that we preach to that makes the ministry rewarding yet, the more people that hear the message means that more seeds are being planted and God will full fill His purpose through these seeds.
Tonight we will be going out again to preach on the boardwalk and I know that God is going to great things again for the His Kingdom. I ask that all of you who are reading this post please pray that we are able to go in the strength of the Lord and that many lives will be changed by the preaching of the gospel tonight. I pray that all of you have a wonderful day and I challenge you to look for opportunities to share Christ with someone today as you go on your way. To God be the Glory!

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