Saturday, May 16, 2009

On our way

Well, I am offically done working on Wednesday and I will be going into full-time ministry with OAC in June. I have been encouraged by many people and there are many friends who have helped me through prayers and support which have given me and my family the faith to leave my salary paid position and completely trust God and the body of Christ, the church, to supply for all of our needs. I will be going to the Washington Bible College ETA to help train students how to effectively share their faith and preach the gospel in the open air. This will occur from June 8th untill June 13th. For all of you who are new to this blog I would like to explain how it came about.

It stated out because I was listening to a message by John Piper,for those of you who do not know John Piper look him up on the internet he is a phenominal preacher, and in the message he stated that all good preachers need to be able to be well written and since I am encouraged by John so much and I am just starting out in open air preaching I thought I would like to be a good preacher, not for myself, but for God's glory. So I decided to start this blog. At first I though it would be a theology blog because I had many questions about God's will and our free will. I have since come to an understanding and feel a peace about these issues. I do not wish to argue or try to persuade anyone to accept my theology concerning Calvinism or Arminianism but, I know what I believe and I know God is in control and that is all I will say at this point. I am not saying that in the future I may not come back and revisit this debate and maybe even discuss it more on this blog but, as for now I will not.

The only thing that I feel compelled to preach and teach is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The gospel message that Jesus lived a sinless life, died on the cross and took the punishment for our sins and on the third day rose again and defeated death so that we do not have to pay the penalty for our sins. All anyone needs to do is repent of our sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. This is the message of hope that I pray I am able to share with the world for the remainder of my life. I want to share this message and if this brings one or more to faith in Jesus Christ I will rejoice. To God be the glory.

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