Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick update

Well, it has been several months since my last post and a lot has occurred. I finally got back into this blog. What do I mean, well I forgot again what email I used and what password I used for this blog. I spent several hours doing to recovery process to gain access to my blog again. I suppose I am glad it is so difficult to gain access to this account it let's me know it is fairly secure. I have many old post on this blog and as I was looking back over them it brought back many good memories. Ok, now on to current information. I will be leading Mission Possible One again this summer. In fact, we are starting again in one week. Our final training is tomorrow and I have much to cover to get the teens ready for ministry. This year, Zana, is going to be on my team. I am excited that I will get to share this time with my daughter this summer and I am praying this summer will transform her life and my of the other teens lives as well. Alright, I better go for now. It is late and I have to get up early so now that I have access to this blog again I will once again try to keep it somewhat up to date. Until you read again....

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